Purchase Order Financing

At PRAXIS Financial, we feel that it is important to recognize that one of the more common challenges that companies face does not have anything to do with production or sales, but rather with the ability to secure the necessary financing for the procurement of pre-sold merchandise. It is for this reason that we offer purchase order financing for importing, exporting or producing pre-sold merchandise.

Our Expertise

We are proud to be able to boast a number of different areas of expertise within our industry, including each of the following and more:

  • Production finance
  • Letter of Credit
  • Import and export transactions
  • Domestic trade purchases

Given our expert knowledge and years of experience, we are able to assist wholesalers, distributors, producers and resellers of manufactured products through the availability of our services. This applies to those with cash-flow issues, such as start-ups or those without much access to capital.

Benefits of Our Services

There are many benefits to using our services, as companies are able to experience growth through purchase order financing without adding to bank debt or selling equity. Through our services, companies are also able to increase profits through the fulfillment of more sizable orders while also ensuring that customers consistently receive timely deliveries. The availability of this flexible funding source also assists companies in increasing their market share, which is undeniably valuable.

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