Consumer Financing

At PRAXIS Financial, we recognize the importance of businesses having the ability to offer consumer finance options. Through our program, it is possible for you to offer financing to your customers in a wide variety of circumstances. This program is available to businesses in nearly any industry that sells any product or service under $10,000, making it an exceptionally versatile and beneficial service offering. We are also able to purchase your current portfolio of loans, or we can simply buy Revolving Credit Agreements or Retail Installment Contracts.

Benefits of Our Program

Companies that offer consumer finance options reap a number of rewards, including:

  • Significant growth in both foot traffic and repeat business
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • A wide variety of financing options

It should be fairly evident that this particular program is designed to benefit both you and your customer, and this mutually beneficial program has a number of highlights that further illuminate its value:

  • Customers can be financed with a FICO score as low as 580
  • Ability to collect poor debt portfolios
  • Capable of providing E-Signature functionality
  • Creative programs available ("six month same as cash," for example)
  • Instant approval and processing
  • Flexible consumer interest rates
  • Availability of tiered pricing
  • Rapid implementation of the program
  • Marketing support

It should be clear that implementing this program will be beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, the most obvious of which is the effect on the consumer, who will appreciate the program and become more loyal to your company as a result.

Contact a Praxis Financial representative if you'd like to learn more.